Kourosh Rafiei Resume
1. Azarbayjan world championship 2010 champion.
2. South korea world championship 2011 champion.
3. Attended several successive rounds in the Kick boxing national team.
4. Master of sports Physiotherapy, Pathology and corrective movements.
5. Official lecture of the federation.
6. Lecture of science courses of federation.
7.scientific lecture of the federation.
8. Superior coach of martial arts federation.
9. Black belt Don 6 martial arts federation.
10. Referee of the martial arts federation.
11.wushu federation first class coach.
12. Referee of Wushu federation.
13. Fitness trainer or fitness coach.
14.coach of physical fitness.
15.TRX coach.
16. Crossfit coach.
17. Referee of physical fitness.
18. ISC article.
19. Official published book of Kurush Rafie authoring federation.
20. Professor or master of college
21. PhD student of physical therapy, pathology of corrective exercise.